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Our Engineers are radically changing the face of cloud communication.

The Engineering team at CloudTalk is connecting the brightest minds in frontend and backend development in pursuit of a singular mission:

Defining the future of cloud-based communication.

Our international team is building a unique, original product with agility and finesse. Smaller frontend and backend “tribes” work based on agile methodology in two weeks sprints, alongside dedicated QA Engineers and Product Managers.

Together, they seek to accomplish ambitious quarterly growth goals.

Perks & Benefits

Your work,
your way

We offer both freelance and full time employment options

remote or office work

Do you feel like socializing with your teammates? Join us in Bratislava, Prague or Malaga offices. Need some alone time? Choose to work from the comfort of your home.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Do you believe in what you’re building? Invest in our employee stock ownership program and be a part of CT’s journey towards success.

Flexible working hours

Tired of the 9 to 5 grind? Us too. At CloudTalk we care about the quality of your work, not the time of day you choose to complete it. Get the job done in your most productive hours.

Quarterly bonuses

Fully experience success of the company with performanced-based quarterly bonuses. The better our business does, the more value we’re able to share with our employees.

Continuous education

Learn during our internal tech talks, take Udemy online courses or be mentored by our most experienced VP Engineer Josef Podany.

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Our Tech Stack

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Testing
  • Core tech
  • Monitoring and backup tools
  • HTML

  • CSS

  • SCSS

  • Angular 6+

  • React Native

  • WebSockets

  • Rest API

  • WebRTC

  • Electron

  • Go

  • Node.js

  • PHP

  • MariaDB

  • Redis

  • Cypress

  • Postman

  • Detox

  • Appium

  • Jest

  • JavaScript

  • TypeScript

  • Asterisk

  • Amazon AWS

  • Cloudflare

  • Nginx

  • Kafka

  • Kamailio

  • ElasticSearch

  • Zabbix

  • Grafana

Insights from your future colleagues

  • CloudTalk consists of a young team with a scale-up mentality. We are not a corporation, yet we're not a start-up, either. Thus, CloudTalk offers stable positions in a fast growing company while staying people-oriented. There is also a lot of freedom. That's why I'm glad to work here.

    Ján Fojtík

    Product Developer in Technology

  • I truly value the independence and freedom my job offers. Such as flexible working hours. I can focus on my family during the day and work at night, since that is when I perform the best. Furthermore, CloudTalk has a great group of people. We always support each other and learn from one another.

    Matej Zboroň

    Technical Product Manager in Product

  • From the very beginning, I was pleasantly surprised by the attitude of CloudTalkers. From recruiters to my current colleagues. Even during a hiring process. I admire that the company supports learning and skill-building. Our team is actively sharing knowledge, holding various tech meets, and getting financial contributions for courses. CloudTalk creates an environment where you always grow.

    Jakub Klena

    Product Developer in Technology

How we live our values

Standard Recruitment

  • Apply for your dream

  • Successful candidates will
    be invited for a 35 min
    phone call with the

  • One hour Live coding
    session with our
    Engineering Team Leader -
    Feedback is shared with the
    candidate right after

  • Offer stage

For higher, director/VP level roles we have a slightly different hiring process consisting of a video call with our co-founder and a CTO Martin Malych.

Are you curious who will you be working with?

Martin Malych

Co-founder/ CTO

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